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Leasing Opportunities

BRAGGS CORNER’s zoning offers diverse opportunities for a wide range of businesses

Light Industrial (LI) – This zoning provides for light industry, research and development and related uses in planned park setting and/or at appropriate locations within the community. Related uses include offices, service-based businesses, retail, assembly, manufacturing and accessory uses. Download our latest brochure. LI also offers one of the most diverse types of zoned land in Culpeper County, in that it also allows the principle and conditional uses from the following Districts:

  • Commercial Services (CS) District
  • Village Center (VC) District
  • Convenience Center (C-C) District

Designed to accommodate your company needs, BRAGGS CORNER offers retail, commercial, hotel, restaurant, high-quality office, flex space.

A sampling of permitted industry at Braggs Corner

  • Antique shop
  • Apparel/clothing
  • Assembly of appliances, instruments, devices, radios, machine parts and office machines. Also the manufacture of small parts, such as coils, condensers, transformers, etc.
  • Auto supplies [maximum five thousand (5,000) square feet]
  • Automobile repair, painting, upholstery, dismantling, assembly
  • Bakery and confectionery
  • Banks and lending institutions
  • Beauty/barber shop
  • Cabinet and furniture repair
  • Car wash
  • Catering establishment
  • Church
  • Community buildings, including fire and rescue stations
  • Convenience or general store [maximum five thousand (5,000) square feet]
  • Data processing and computing, secure messaging services and customer support
  • Delicatessen
  • Doctor/dentist office
  • Fabrication of metal products, such as bicycles, toys, jewelry, furniture, instruments, but excluding sheet metal products
  • Fabrication of wood products such as cabinetry, furniture, toys, boats and woodworking
  • Florist
  • Garden and landscape center
  • Gasoline station
  • General contractor (screened equipment storage)
  • Hardware store
  • Health care clinics (not homes or institutions)
  • Health club (spa, gym, tennis club)
  • Home improvement stores
  • Indoor sports facility
  • Interior decorating
  • Multiple manufacturing processes
  • Motel, hotel
  • Offices – General and Professional
  • Plumbing and electrical supplies (screened storage only)
  • Public recreation (swimming pool, tennis courts, community center, etc.)
  • Real estate office
  • Research and development activities, testing, prototype manufacture, experimental work and related operations
  • Restaurant
  • Sign printing
  • Wholesale and warehouse operations